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My fiance did plastic surgery without asking me


As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

So recently my fiance has informed she has gotten a nose job just s few days a go as she did not like how her nose looked and wanted to look good for the wedding. I have informed her in the past about how I dislike these things as it is against our religion, never the less she still did it. I felt really upset as she hid it from me for a while before informing me. She has to go to yearly appointments to get it topped up (as if she does no the nose will become even worse and become droppy) and I told her I will not participate in paying for this. However, I am now very confused. What should I do? Will I be sinful with proceeding with the marriage, or am I still allowed to marry her as it is between her and Allah? Please advise.


Waalykum salam brother

Thank you for your Question.

It isn’t haram to have a plastic surgery
Kindly refer to link below:

Breast Implants/Plastic Surgery

On a side note, for a good relationship, you need to have a good communication bridge. Hiding things and keeping secrets from one another can create a huge barrier and that could effect your future happiness ( I certainly don’t mean you should take stern measure against your fiancé, rather leaving this issue aside, you should explain to her, with a lot of love and care, that you prefer not keeping anything from one another)

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery