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Rules Regarding Photos


Assalam alaykum,

During wedding (esp in ones family/in laws) it is like a must to have ones photo taken during the ceremonies with the bride/groom. what are the rules of his eminence Ayatullah sistani regarding these issues :

(1) Is it allowed for a girl/women to have her photo snapped in hijab in the above scenario ?

(2) If that photo is seen by non mahrams then in Allah’s eyes who is responsible for it?

(3) what is more preferable in the above scenario: not to agree to have ones photo taken even if it causes problems with the family/inlaws OR to agree for a photo in full hijab?

Kindly answer in details regarding our responsibility in this crucial issue.


Alaykum Salaam.

Taking Pics during weddings or other occasions has no harm.
The criteria which need to be adhered to in the process are
correct hijab, whereby the clothes aren’t of the colors that attract
attention of na mahram. There should be no make up
on ladies either. Ladies also to note that applied mendhi is adornment and
so should not be made obvious to na mahram men. Kindly refer to below link as well.
What is Hijab?

Photos taken without correct hijab makes the person herself responsible.