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Who Should I listen to?


As a Muslim lady should I listen to my husband first or my father, For example my dad tells me to leave but my husband tells me to stay…Who should I listen to!?


It depends on what each is saying actually. You should be able to make your own stand on casual issues, that way you will show your will, and then the opposition will subside.

Although in greater issue like leaving the house, etc, it is Wajib to have your husband’s permission to do so. Also, under the same clause it is Wajib to make sure your husband’s legal demands  are met to.

On the same note, maintaining your father’s respect and not hurting his feelings is equally important.

In short, you can use your own will to make your petty decisions, but when your husband asks for something Pertaining to his own right then that needs to be met to, but just to give your father the importance,  you can kindly take his permission to carry on with your duties.

Hope this was useful.