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Permissibility of goods murabaha


Assalamu alaikum,
I am writing to know about , Purchase support ( kind of Goods Murabaha) that i do with my friend’s factory.
He need Raw materials, which is available only for cash,but his finished goods are selling at credit, hence mostly he run out with working capital shortage,

I am giving cash to him ( with the condition that , he will pay to his supplier for the particular goods, when I am giving direct cash to him , making sure that he is only using this cash for said raw materials, and even I am checking invoices, and value) Or Sometimes giving to supplier directly myself. , and putting very nominal profit on raw materials and making sales contract to him.

Examples : Factory need raw materials , cost $50,000, I pay for this and get PDC from factory $ 51000 with 90 days date).

I considered exactly as Goods Murabaha system..
I am taking care that, my cash is used only for agreed purchase , verifying invoices, delivery, and some times even delivery coordination also i am doing..

And we make purchase and sales invoices also..
I just putting cost+profit on the materials ,

I am totally believed as exactly goods murahaba..

But recently I have red an hadees that , for valid sales Materials should take possesion on seller place ( here I am considered as seller for this factory.)
Literally saying this is term not happening, because I dont have any storage space, and some practical difficulties to comply that point . ( ONLY CONCERNS I UNDERSTAND, LITERALLY IT IS NOT COMING TO MY POSSESSION , AS I DONT HAVE ANY STORAGE , GOODS DIRECTLY DELIVERED TO FACTORY ( HERE FACTORY IS MY CUSTOMER))

Can you help me out , is there any haram in this deal?


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

There is no problem if you buy it in cash yourself and then sell it on credit at a higher price.

For example, you pay $50 to buy these materials on your behalf. That means he will be your wakil(assignee/agent) in buying materials with this $ 50. After buying it, appoint him as your wakil and representative to sell himself, the purchased materials on credit for 90 days for $51.

Or give him the money, he will buy it for you and sell it to himself on credit.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider