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Divorce Rulings


As salam u alaikum Molana ..this is Farha, from Leicester..i needed some guidance..i wanted to ask a question regarding talaq…i will explain 2 situations…… firstly about myself, igot married and never had any relation with my husband, as i got married out of pressure, i was never happy and was married for 3 n half yrs, i got talaq on the 5th feb….whats the ruling on my iddat..i have no one as my mahram, i stay with my sister.whats the period of my iddat and some few tips on this topic….JazakAllah, next i will explain the second situation. The second situation is about my sister, she had a good married life for 3 years….her husband left for his country(pakistan) on 5th January 2016, for another woman, hence they had to seperate, they stayed away from each other ever since, she was in Africa, living with my parents, then in August she happen to arrive in UK, she lives with me, we both working, she has been away from her husband for 1 year and 1 month, he gave her talaaq on 5th February 2017 …currently we are far from everyone like our family is in africa and we got no mahram, and initially she can not travel back home as she has submitted her application to the home office…both me and my sister just go to work, and back home, we don’t go anywer else, could u kindly please explain more on whats the ruling in her situation…JazakAllah


Alaykum Salaam

Specifically on the fiqh aspect of your question:

The iddah for talaq is normally 3 months (see Suratu Baqara 2: 228) but if the marriage was not consummated, then there is no iddah (see Suratu Ahzab, 33:49).

So for your sister there will be iddah but in your case if the marriage was not consummated then there is no iddah

With best regards

Abbas Jaffer