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Performing umrah on behalf of a person who committed suicide.


A Muslim person committed suicide. Can I perform umrah on his behalf?? And could he be forgiven for committing suicide ??


Alaikum salam
Thank you for your question.

Holy Quran says:
“…And do not kill yourselves. Allah is the Most Merciful to you.”  (Surah Nisa:29)

It’s good you are concerned about doing good even for the deceased.
Yes, Umrah can be performed  on his behalf.
In normal circumstances, suicide is a major sin as its narrated that who ever commits suicide, will be in hell forever.
On the other hand, forgiveness is a complex issue which only Almighty Allah and His Prophet (saw) or imams(as)… Knows…
We can’t comment on that.
May Allah have mercy on us all.
Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi