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Perceiving Allah


I have heard a hadees in majlis where Rasulallah (a.s) says he can smell the smell of Allah coming from Yemen where a follower of his resides. The follower came from Yemen to see the Prophet , but was unable to meet him as he was not in Madina at the time. The visitor’s mother had made him promise that he would come back quickly under all circumstances, and since the Prophet was not in Madina he had to return. When Rasulallah came back he said he could smell the scent of Allah coming from Yemen, because this follower so closely obeyed the commands of his mother. My question is regarding the perception of Allah by the senses. I thought that it was impossible to perceive Allah by the senses.

Additionally, since Allah is not like his creation in any way, should not it be impossible to say that he has a quality present in the creation (such as a scent)?

Could you please clarify this matter for me?

Thank you


Senses cannot comprehend Allah because Allah is not like matter that has weight and occupies space. One can feel the presence of Allah. To feel the
presence of Allah is different from comprehending Allah.

Rasullullah said in the hadith that he could smell the scent and not that he could comprehend. And that is possible, metaphorically, to those who have gained proximity to Allah. They are able to tell this particular person is man of God.

Allah knows best

The hadith that was perhaps being referred to by yourself, can be found in Kashful Ghummah Vol 1 Pg 261.

Nuru Muhammed