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People living below the poverty line, What is their fault?


I live in a Muslim country where majority lives way below the poverty line. They have no roof, food , water. They live in slums amongst sewage, without basic neccessities of life. They are lucky to find scraps to eat! My question is what is their fault? They know praying is obligatory but when you are spending your days scavenging for food in the trash , living in squalor how will the thought of praying even cross their minds? How will Allah let them enter heaven after death? Will they be forgiven?


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

In any case, when someone accepts that God who is His Creator has made prayers obligatory on him, he cannot avoid it with these excuses. The conditions you have mentioned are very difficult to survive, but the prayer lasts five minutes and cannot be left out. Maybe if they pray, the prayers help them get out of this difficult situation and make their lives easy. The Qur’an itself says that whoever turns away from prayers and remembrance of God will have a narrow and difficult life.

God takes people’s conditions into account during the accountability and may give them a discount in their punishment because of these difficult conditions, but prayer is not removed from their responsibility and Wajibat, because they can pray and they also know that it is obligatory upon them.

Besides this, we never know, it is possible that part of their misfortune is due to leaving prayer or other shortcomings of their own, such as surrendering to the oppressors.

We should not only try to help these people financially but also try to help them spiritually and guide them towards Salah. Sometimes, some people don’t know the importance of Salah due to ignorance but once they get to know the importance and incumbency of Salah they would come towards it and gradually get closer to Allah(swt) and this may bring changes in their lives. We never know some of them would change before their death and make up the Qadha of their Salah. A Millionaire or a person living below the poverty line, both should remember God. This world is a test of how we survive and get the result of our actions in the Hereafter.

If we play our part in propagating Islam and its teachings and the people get closer to the Almighty not only they will be saved from Hell, Allah(swt) will bestow His mercies on us as well and protect us from the burning Hell.

Along with feeling bad for others, we must be very careful of our own actions and pray to God that we die on the same path of Islam and not get deviated. Satan tries to deviate all believers but we must try to stay strong in our faith so the ending of our lives is on Islam which is indeed the righteous religion which will lead to heaven.

We should build a strong connection with Allah(swt) and the Ahlul Bayt(as). To learn more about Ahlul Bayt(as) please visit:

May Allah(swt) grant us success in this life and the Hereafter and give us Tawfiq to fulfill our Islamic duties.

Allah knows the best


Syed Haider