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I have sold my house and I plan to buy another house. Do I have to pay zakat on the money I have saved to buy the house


I have recently sold my house with an intention to buy another one for my personal use. Due to current economical situation I am not able to buy the house and I am renting one.I have saved money for the house and I am not using it invest as this is the money plus some more I will use to buy a new house. Do I have to pay zakat on this money?

How do I pay zakat on the stocks I have. This year I have lost 20% of the value since last year. So there is no income. Do I pay zakat on the principle. Do I pay zakat on the pension plans? How do I calculate?


Salam alaykum.

I think you are confusing zakat with khums. According to A. Sistani money saved for the purchase of a house is liable to khums if the time to pay your khums has arrived.

If you have already paid the khums on some capital there is no further need to pay it. But if not you should. Also if it increased only then would you need to pay khums on the increase. Hope this helps.