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I am an 18 year old girl. My mother has never supported me in anything. She never appreciates me anywhere. My younger brothers disrespect me and everytime i complain my mother never really says anything to them. I failed in 2 subjects in intermediate since then my mother treats me like she never expects anything more than failure. She teaches Quran in my house. She is really religious. She follows almost every sunnah. But when it comes to parenting she still thinks like past. I went through depression and had suicidal thoughts. I used to sleep with a knife every night, my mom knew about this but never talked to me because she says there is no such thing as depression. All i want is for her to talk to me like a daughter like a friend, her support is all i need. I have tried everything. I even asked her to talk to me but she never does. I have lost all hope from everywhere. I dont know what to do. Please help me.


Wa  alaykum salam.

Thank you for your question.

I am really sorry for what you are facing in your life.

But most of the  time the problems we face in our life are solvable. With a little wisdom, patience and proper management  we can solve our problems.

I know you are going through a very difficult situation but have you ever tried to find out the reason behind your mother’s actions.

There might be something in her mind which makes her act like this. It can be her past or the way she was brought up where girls weren’t given much importance  as compared to boys.

There is no doubt that she loves you because of the fact that she wants you to become the best, it’s just that she doesn’t know how to show her  feeling in a better way.

My suggestion is that try and understand her and meet to her legal expectations according to your capacity.

I know it’s unfair to ask this from a girl who thinks she has been deprived of love. But keep this in mind ,whatever you do ultimately it’s you who is going to benefit. By doing this you are going to help yourself live a better life.

Always remember never lose hope as Allah loves all His creation and He is always there for them.

Sukaina Taqavi