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Parents Spying


Assalam Alaikum

Does Shariah allow the parents of a 30 years old unmarried son to spy on him, to open and check his phone in his absence, try to scratch his doings and wrong doings?


Walaykum Asalam

Please see this

Spying —that is, snooping in order to gain information and embarrass people— is forbidden in Islamic laws. Almighty Allãh has said in His Book: “O You who believe, refrain from most of suspicions because some suspicions are sins, and do not spy…” (49:12)Ishãq bin ‘Ãmmãr, a companion of Imam as-Sãdiq (a.s.), said: I heard as-Sãdiq (a.s.) saying, “The Messenger of Allãh (s.a.w.) said, ‘O you who have accepted Islam with your tongue [i.e., with your verbal declarations of faith] and faith is yet to enter your hearts! Do not disparage the Muslims nor disclose their frailties, because whosoever discloses their shortcomings, Allãh shall disclose his; and he whose weaknesses are disclosed by Allãh, will indeed be disgraced, even if he is inside his house.’”
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Rights of one’s Relatives Maintaining ties with one’s relations (silatur rahim) is obligatory upon Muslims, and severing those ties (qat‘ur rahim) is one of the major sins.

However parents usually want the best for their children and the parameters of your question needs to be investigated. For example, are they providing you with shelter and food? Are they providing you with the mobile phone and internet? If they are, have they set conditions for the use of these items? For example – they may provide internet access to you on the premise that you do not go to particular sites or view particular things. And they may have put the condition that they can view the content of your phone? In that case, they may be allowed to view them and that would not be considered spying but an agreement to do so.


Syed Samer Hakim