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Parents’ Happiness/Consent in Marriage


Respected Alim Saab !

(History of Case) I wanna ask a very crucial question from you regarding marriage. Sir point is that a girl is in deeply and purely love with me . I am also very much attached with her . She can do anything for me . I belongs to sunni syed family and she belongs to pathan family . She is also 5 years elder than me. She is also engaged with me 4 months ago in the presence of both of our family members . On the day of engagement reaction of the family of girl was very offensive and dull and dry . This made my parents to change their mind . My parents point of view is that the family of girl will never give me respect as I deserve . Marriage is not only the relationship between girl and boy but also between two families. Sir point is that the girl is really really innocent . She always give me sound respect what ever the situation is . She is getting in a stage of do or die .

(Question) Sir keeping in view the teachings of Islam , please guide me what to do now in this situation. One side I have my parents who wants to end this relationship. I have made many speeches to convince my parents that the girl is innocent , but her family members are very strange. On the other side that innocent girl who never think about to go away from me . Importance of parents is well known and their value too. But the girl is also innocent , she will get hurt. Complete story is infront of you . Please guide me where to go ? Parents or girl ? In case if I obey my parents then God will punish me not to follow Haquq ul Ibaad ?

Please guide me in the light of Islam Please guide me as I am very much worried to take this issue

Best Regards


Salamun Alaykum

This is a very difficult situation and there is no clear answer – however,
if you cannot get your parents to change their mind, then I would
reluctantly advise you to obey your parents in this case.


Abbas Jaffer