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Being Forced to Become an Alim



My question is short but its regarding my father. He and my mum along with siblings want me to do the alim course. I have told them many times but they always say the same thing. “Try it for a bit and see how it goes”. My dad also says that i’ll have to go to bording school if I leave alim class. I am studying A-levels. I really cant concentrate. I am a hafiz but they just want me to do more and more. I keep it all in yet I do talk to them but theres no progression.

What do I do?



Alaikum Salaam

From a shar’i perspective, it would be wajib for you to listen to your father/mother on this particular matter (where their concern is your own worldly and hereafterly success), in the case where your disobedience would lead them to be upset and annoyed at you.

However, it is understandable that being forced into such a path maybe difficult and against what you would like to achieve. I would suggest you speak to your parents and together decide what is best for you after your A levels. Speaking to a scholar or seeking advise from reliable, wise and pious individuals from your city is also a recommended.

I pray for the best for you

Miqdad R.