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parents driving me away from faith


I have religious parents but their persistence in making me follow religion forcefully is driving me away from religion, i want to learn and follow religion so what should i do?


Islam is concerned about a variety of interpersonal relationships and one of the most important relationships is that between parents and children. So in the situation you have described the best thing to do is to move with wisdom and patience. From the side of the parents there could be a variety of factors causing them to force religion upon you. It may just simply be the only way they know how or may also come from a genuine fear that you may lose your religion in an environment with so many other influences. Perhaps if you can find a way to speak to them and explain how you feel that may help. If it is not possible to deal with it so directly you must speak through your actions. That is to be good to your parents, improve your etiquettes (akhlāq) and study more about the way the Maʿsūmīn (as) lived their lives. At the same time be patient and pray to Allah to open the ways of understanding between you and your parents and put your hope in God. All will be resolved when your parents see the light and mercy emanating from your actions.

‘Abd Allah Esmail