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Parents disagreeing marrying person of choice


I am a girl born in very strict family and I am 25yrs old now. professionally I am a doctor . I love a person and he has sent marriage proposal to my parents 2-3 times but my parents are not agreeing to this. they are forcing me to marry someone else that person is of same cast and He is an engineer. I am very much emotionally evolved with that guy i cannot step back. My parents have only this issue that I have no right to choose my life partner. Please advice me what can I do or tell me any wazifa that can melt my parents heart. Help me otherwise suicide will be my only option.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thank you for your question

If your parents are disagreeing with you marrying the person you like then you may want to take the following steps:

First of all, know that nothing works with being harsh to your parent and it just get worse(not to mention you will disrespect them as well by being rude to them)
Talk to them, in a calm and logical environment and test their response to it. Bring the topic every now and then to persuade them.
Your parents must have their reasons for their disagreement, listen to their reasons and try to think on it logically; maybe they are right; at least you will understand their point of view and the reason behind this disagreement; you could start to fix the issue they have or justify them on the subject.
Sometimes parent disagree because they don’t consider their child mature enough to think and decide on her own; In this case you must convince them otherwise.
If necessary ask an elder one to speak to them on your behalf.
Inform your parents that forced mariage is rejected.
(the man and the woman must consent to the marriage. However, if they appear to disapprove but it is known that in their hearts they consent, the marriage contract is valid. See:
Above all measures, have trust in Allah(az). Once you have tried your best, leave the rest in His capable hands.

Before I close, I’d like to mention that suicide is Haram and in reality it’s a cowardly act.Being a Doctor yourself, you’re trained to save lives and have given an oath to do so. Why would you go against your own inner values!?

I suggest you stand upright, try your best and InshaAllah Allah (az) will bless you with the best.

You may also want to consider some counseling for yourself.

Regards and wishes
AAA under the guidance of Mohamad Mosayyebi.