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Parents against marriage

  • I love a boy very much, he’s my first cousin and I sometimes feel he loves me more than I do. We have been best friends and I know every little thing about him and I know he is so perfect and real and is so religious. I haven’t seen anyone so real and firm in this age more than him. His parents’ only wish is to see us married, it’s their “that special kind of love” towards me that makes me fall for him and his family more. However, my parents do not like them and are reluctant towards both of us getting married though I know they have utter wrong misconceptions about them.. As Islam is such a liberal religion, is there any amal or dua that I can perform to get things easier else what should I do? Please do response.

Waalykum salam

Thank You for your Question

There are a few things that I can suggest you do:

1- Seek help from a local scholar or an elderly that your parents will listen to

2- in the meantime, try to remove their misconception by explaining the reality.

3- make plenty of dua. Speak to Allah in plenty and ask Him to bless you with the best. He is our creator and knows what’s best for us. It’s only wise to leave your affairs in the most capable hands after trying your best.

you may want to recite the following Dua by Imam Sajjad (s):

In the end, I’d like to bring to your kind attention that Having any relation, even the kind you have at the moment, with your cousin is Haram. And Allah does not recognize this relation.

All the best,