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parents against marriage


I am a Pakistani and I wish to get married to a Palestinian girl who I met in my university days. I asked her if she wishes to marry me and she agreed. I tried to convince my mom dad but they refuse to even consider it as an option because she is not Pakistani and language issues and they are firm and have taken a stand that this will not happen at any cost. I like her and I love her and she feels the same. Kindly advise me what to do? Do I leave the girl just because she is not from my country? Just because my parents want their choice and disregard my liking? Kindly advise me what is the way forward as I wish to marry her but at the same time, I cannot hurt my parents as I am their only child and i wish to keep them happy. But I do not wish to sacrifice my liking and love just because she doesn’t belong to my country.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

According to the Islamic law, a man does not need to seek permission of his parents to marry. However ethically and According to Islamic norm it isn’t polite to hurt your parents feeling and go against their wishes.

You will have to do some more talking and bring up all the good this marriage may hold for you.
Also, you may want to speak to a person your parents will listen to and ask him/ her to explain to them.

I hope this issue gets resolved and you’re able to do what is best for you InshaAllah. You may want to speak to your local Alim for further insight as I was only able to guide with what was provided in your query.

Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery