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AOA, As scientist and researchers in China, Europe or other Western countries are creating Animal Human hybrid / Chimera by using stem cells or sperm of human and combining them with animals cells or eggs. These Human Animal hybrids / Chimera are also called as Para-humans (i.e. beyond humans or subhuman or genetically modified humans or Technologically enhanced humans). These Para-Humans are becoming a reality and are not imaginations. So, if a person drinks milk from from these para-humans, so are the laws of foster relationship or “Razaat” develops with those. As I know that “Razaat” is only established by Humans and since these Human-Animal hybrids/ Chimera are not fully humans with characteristics of both Human and Animals which is why called Para-Humans, hence no relation of “Razaat” is established with them, but wants to confirm my view. Kindly explain,


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam

“. So, if a person drinks milk from these para-humans, so are the laws of foster relationship or “Razaat” develops with those. “

This relationship has a number of rulings and conditions, eight of them under the ruling of Syed Sistani, may he live long, before it is met and before the issue of being so that the “suckling child becomes the cause of being Mahram” to the wet nurse.  One of these rulings is “that the child sucks milk directly from the breasts of the woman. Hence, if milk is poured into its mouth, it has no consequence.”.

So in the case described above, it appears there will be no effect at all with regards to the question raised due to one or more of the conditions not being fulfilled. You can view all the conditions here:

Importantly, and despite what “science” will tell you about tolerance to and safety of such milk products, it should be noted that there are instructions from the narrations as to the best methods to feed a
newborn child.  Milk from hybrids are not one of them.

If you have further queries, then please send a hard copy with all the details to the office of Sayyid Sistani.

S.L. Al-Hakim.