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Our marriage has come to a dead end.


Assalam alaikum I am married to a reverted Muslim.. for 15 years.,I got two children.. My problem is we never had a normal relationship from the beginning we always quarrelled and was never compatible with each other.. Due to my parents and society’s pressure I had to keep my marriage alive.. but now it’s become worse.. My husband does not work.. I mean he is not a responsible man.. He is simply not bothered about our present and future..Due to this our marriage has come to dead end.. I mean we are strangers to each other.. Earlier we used get intimate very rarely but now it’s been more than a year we had sex.. we both hate each other now can’t stand each other… I can’t leave him because of my Children and I cannot live with him.. because there is no love, care and respect for me.. I have No parents alive now neither his.. Please suggest me what to do… Where will I seek help for my life has become hell… I want peace of mind.. I felt suicidal so many times… kindly help


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question.

Suicidal thoughts are not very healthy sister. Looks like you need to seek some counseling.

Also, with your husband, it looks like communication between the two of you is missing. You just need to get back on a track where the difference in opinions, thoughts, worries are thoroughly discussed.
You must do this at a very calm level where no feelings should interfere. Both of you should agree not to get angry and overwhelmed. Simply get together to look for solutions.
You can do this with a counselor and the person will be able to help you better.
This will help your children and their future.

I will suggest you seek some immediate actions for your situation.

InshaAllah all goes well
Please give charity, recite duas especially Ziarat Ashura and Dua Tawasul. And make time to speak to Allah in plenty

In my prayers