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Salaam Alaykum,
thank you for the wonderful service, I would like to ask about
Our responsibility
Looking at what is happening today to our Muslims brothers in Gaza , Syria ,Nigeria etc. , and especially the brutal massacre of our Shia brothers in Iraq, Bahrain ,yemen Saudi etc.
Please enlighten us , Is our responsibility is to sit pray only ? is that all. Wht should we do ??
How do I know what is my duty considering that my present Imam (af) would wish the same duty from me ?
Please explain I feel am doing nothing for them.


First of all, I would like to appreciate your concerns about Muslims round the globe. This has been emphasized a lot in numerous ahadith such as:

The one who does not care about the Muslims is not one of them. 

There is a chapter in Al-Kafi (Al Kafi Vol 2 Pg 163) on this topic. Interestingly, you will find similar chapters in Sunni ahadith as well.

Our responsibilities:

1. To understand very clearly what are the actual causes of it. What is the role of global imperialism in it etc etc. The statements of scholars such as Aayat Sistani, Ayat Khamenai and others would give you an insight to the topic.

2. To strive for Muslim Unity. One of the main causes of such trauma is lack of unity among Muslims themselves.

3. Humanitarian aids through your local country and NGOs

4. Be active in social media spreading the message of unity and peace and raising your voice against tyrants.

The topic is such a vast that it needs a collective effort. I suggest that you discuss such issues in debating society of your community to come up with a concrete plan and strategy for such a massive task.

Kumail Rajani