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Order of Surahs in Prayers


Assalam alaikum,

I want to know Is it permissible to read surah nas first in first rakhah and in second can i read surah ikhlas? My friend said that it should be read as above and not the vice versa i.e he said you cannot recite surah ikhlaas first in first rakah and in second rakah you should not read surah nas. Is there an order regarding these surah’s??

Jazakallah khair


Alaykum Salaam.

yes it is permissible to recite naas in first rak’ah and ikhlaas in second rak’ah. There is no specific order to be followed when reciting surah after suratul Hamd.

Yes, it is an obligatory precaution that if you recite surah Ad Dhuha, you would have to recite Surah Inshiraah as well to follow it up. Also, if you recite Surah Al Feel, you would have to recite Surah Quraish following it, in the same rak’ah, after the recitation of surah al Hamd.

Saqalain Abbas Alawi