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Oral sex before marriage


Salaam, Is just oral sex (blowjob) considered zina? Does it constitute hadd punishment? Will you be subjected to jahannam forever like you are for sexual intercourse (insertion into the vagina)?


Waalaykum salam
Thank you for your question. however, it is quite general.

I will answer them from two perspectives:

i) If you are married and you are receiving this service from your wife, then there is no problem with that.
ii) if you are, God forbid, receiving this service from a non-Mahram then yes it is haram and it is not permissible.

Should it be the second option, then ask Allah to forgive you and inshaAllah that it may never happen again. Brother, forgiveness is like a master card in our hands. one should be careful when using it, that is,  you must use it in such a way that your repentance is sincere and honest. Forgiveness has conditions. kindly refer to the link below for a complete read:

I did zina of eyes recently after repentance ? How can I ask for forgiveness..

May Allah grant you success.