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Asalamualaykum. I’m a 17 year old male. I have been made fun of for my looks and I myself do not like the way I look. So I wanted to take products to enhance my looks. However, I could not afford these products such as beard oils to grow a beard and other products to enhance my looks. So, I decided to take online surveys to earn money so I could afford these products. However, surveys require specific type of people. So, to increase my chances of getting more surveys I lie and make up some information to get more survey opportunities. What is the ruling on this? is the money permissble or not?


Your Assistance Requested : online surveys
Wa Alaykum al-Salam Brother

Thank you for your question.

It is indeed sad to hear this from you and even more sad from the attitude of some people in societies! This type of act is totally against the teaching and commandments of Holy Qur’an, Prophetic and Awliya’s (s) Recommendations.

In Sura Hujurat, known to be the Chapter of Akhlaqiyat (etiquettes), verse 11 there is clear order of not teasing one another, not giving names may be the other party are better than you! And by doing so you might end out being transgressors!

Another part of your question, we have to be careful, any wrong mean can not help us to get into right and desirable result and lie is from a manifest referent of this!…

According to the Islamic law, lying is haram and not permissible unless it reaches the stage below:

3Question: Is it permissible to tell a lie, when there is a danger threatening your life?
Answer: It is permissible in the said supposition.

Kind regards,
S. Jaffery