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One Fast With Two Intentions


السلام و علیکم!! I have a simple question. That what if one have some qada’ fasts (the ramadan fast, which they were unable to perform).. And now he/she wants to have fast on Mondays and Thursdays.. Can he/she do this by having double intensions.. i.e that of the SUNNAH and the left over fasts of RAMADAN?! is it possible or allowed?!! Waiting for your answer.. Jazak Allah. ہوں


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.
When you have an obligatory act to perform, be it Qadha, you cannot have another Niyyah or intention attached to it.
You may get the thawab of fasting on say Mondays and Thursdays but the intention is solely Wajib

Kind regards