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Extra Khums



1. Because of a calculation error, I overpaid khums in the past. I have since used the overpayment to offset future khums payable in the subsequent years. Is this ok? If its not acceptable, the amount overpaid is a write off for me? Since this has already happened, is there some form of penalty I need to pay for delayed payment?

2. I have clean khums free money of $5k in Year 2. Year 3 made a loss of $1K and Year 4 made a loss of $2K. My net savings at the end of Year 4 are therefore (5-1-2) $2k. Year 5 I have savings of $10k. Do I pay khums on a. $10k-$5k=$5K or b. $10k-$2k=$8K



Wa-Alaykum As Salaam
Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

1. Once khums is paid it has been spent so there is no provision to count back the overpayment. However you may be able to seek permission from the
your marja otherwise.

2. In year 2: $5k khumsed money.
Year 3: loss of 1k: $4k Khumsed money.
Year 4:  loss of 2k: $2k khumsed money.
Year 5: $10k savings.  $2k is khumsed.  Balance of money that is not
khumsed is $8k.

So the correct answer is  b. $10k-$2k=$8K. Khums amount = $1.60K (20% of 8k)
May Allah (swt) bless your wealth.

S.L. Al-Hakim