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Offering Iftari to Ahl al Sunna


The president of a neighborhood sunni mosque asked us for help to offer eftari food for all the people coming to pray and break their fast

Some people in our shia mosque offered to help them. Later on, some of our friends got really upset about it and felt really sad about the help that was given Now we feel extremely sad and guilty… have we done wrong by helping these people, knowing that in our country shias and sunni do not fight with each other?


What is the cause of guilt and sadness when your community has done a very good and noble deed by helping your Sunni brethren?

It is highly encouraged to be of assistance to mankind especially Muslims, regardless of their sect.
Your deed has encouraged bonding between the two sects which is very important in this day and time.

Kindly do not allow anyone to instigate feelings of hatred, doubt or hesitation to be of help among the different sects of Islam.

May God be with all of you and your Protector and Aid.