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Regarding OCD.


I have OCD for the past 2 years…but this problem is getting worse each day and it’s affecting my life very negatively now.
It may sound a little weird and dirty but I really need help and please Help me for Allah’s Sake.
When ever I use my mobile phone and whenever a girl’s photo appears on my screen I feel as if I have become impure and my hands,my eyes,my phone and the place I’m using the phone everything became impure and napak.
By mistake even if I touch a womans body in a western cloth or some women’s photo in inappropriate dress or their private parts on the phone screen….I feel as if touched it in reality and feel my hands have turned napaak and immediately wash it with soap.
I am very much overburdened and sometimes I wash my hands with soap as much as 100 times !!!
I just want to clarify that does my hands turn impure if I touch women on the phone screen???
I’m also trying to avoid all this as much as possible but nowadays it’s really hard to avoid it completely…
Please Help


Waalykum salam

Thank you For your Question

Sorry to hear about your situation.

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As to your Question, No you do not be come Najis. Even if you touch a Najis thing over the screen. So please relax about washing your hands so many times.

Also, it is best to keep away from your phone. Keep a certain time for it and do not approach it other than that time. That way you will be able to train you brain not to doubt so much and also relieve your self from things that you don’t like.

Good luck,