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Obligations of a Disabled


If girl is challenged mentally (she is 11 but mental age 5 or 6) and also physically disabled, what is the takleef (obligation) for her upon reaching buloogh (9Yrs) ?

Is namaz, roza and Ghusl of haydh wajib upon her?!


If she is a “Mumay’yiza”, (which means if she is able to distinguish
between right and wrong, good and bad), then, she should try to perform all
the duties of a normal “Mukallaf” literally “an accountable person” before
Allah (swt). This way she should be able to perform all her religious
duties as a normal Muslim because she understands the concept of Ibadat or
worshipping Allah (swt) even briefly. However, if she can’t know right from
wrong and good from bad, then she cannot be forced to perform religious
duties, as one of the conditions for an Ibadat to become Wajib is being
sane and coming of age, nevertheless if she could be trained in such a
manner that she would perform these “Ibadaat” without really knowing what
she is doing like a child who performs some “Ibadaat”, there is no harm in

Mirza Noorul Hassan