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Iphone Quran App Oath



I wanted some guidance for taking oath. Is taking oath on iPhone Quran app (pretending it’s Quran) considered an actual oath? I, assuming that taking an oath on iPhone isn’t an actual oath, took a false oath and lied for a very petty issue amongst friends and later dismisses it. I’m now just scared what if an oath on iPhone Quran is actually a real oath on Quran? Please advise me if it is considered as an actual oath. And if yes, then what is the repentance for this sin (as I didn’t know iPhone oath is considered as an actual oath).


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam
Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Please see the following links:

Rulings in general regarding Oath and for more details see in particular ruling 2684.

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Points to note:

– An oath is not related to whether you take the oath on an iPhone App, or physical Holy Qur’an, but rather, is the particular wording you used in order to take that oath.  If the conditions for validity of an oath is met, then the oath is valid.
– Taking an oath and saying the truth in itself is makrooh, and to lie in oath is a major sin.
– If the oath took place and it was a lie, there is no jurisprudential repercussion per se to perform (ie no Kaffarah). Ruling 684  (ARABIC).
– The rules are different if you were performing a pilgrimage in Mecca. Ruling 252 (ARABIC).

S.L. Al-Hakim