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Oath in mind


I got thought whenever i look at quran, thoughts come into my mind about taking an quranic oath and sometimes allah’s oath to do something and not to do something. I don’t want to take oath. Sometimes i saves myself by saying that i m not making any oath. And make myself free from it. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for me. As the thought come repeatedly, i have to accept it. I have read too much about oath in online fatwas and most of them say for an oath to be binding it should be verbally said,but in a single fatwa they say that it is not necessary to say it aloud, merely making an decision in heart is enough because allah ta’ala knows what’s going on in hearts. After reading this i become confuse and those thoughts become stronger. I also read that if someone decide to expiate every time they broke the oath they have to expiate every time the oath is broken. After this one more problem added to my thoughts. Every time oath thought come i fear what if multiple expiation become compulsary on me. First of all i refuse to make oath but then in order not to lend in a more difficult situation i say to myself firstly i m not making oath but in any case if it has occurred i will only expiate once if the oath broke. I refuse to expiate multiple times but my heart doesn’t get satisfied. Plz help me i m very stressed.


بسم تعالی
الهم صل الله محمد و آله
Salamu Alaykum
Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well

With regard to oaths, according to the verdict of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sistaani it must be said in a verbal form for it to be binding and that it must be done using the Divine Name or one of the Names of Allah (swt).

In any other manner it is not correct and therefore will have no Kaffarah

There are other conditions, you may refer to the New Edition of the Islamic Laws pages 711-713

Insha allah i hope this helps
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Was salams

Yassar Ebrahim