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Nothing Happens Except by the Will of ALLAH?


I never really understood the nature behind Allah’s will. If everything happens by Allah’s will, then that’s like saying a Muslim stopped believing, became an atheist because Allah willed it. Then why is it the Muslim’s fault? Because it was Allah who made this person leave Islam in the first place. He was under Allah’s control and Allah led him astray on purpose and punished him on purpose. If Allah controls our actions and our fate, then how is life even a test? If our actions are controlled by Allah, then how are we different from the animals? I heard another interpretation that Allah doesn’t control our actions. We are free to make our own decisions. If a person commits a sin, it’s not because Allah willed it. It’s because the person willed it. Allah just watched him commit the sin. Allah had no control over this person’s actions. So I’m not exactly sure which one’s the correct view. Please clarify it for me, please. I really hope it’s the first one. I hope everything that I do and think is controlled by Allah. As of now, this will bring me peace. EDIT: There’s another thing I wanted to add. I’ve heard some Muslims say that if you make a Dua, you’re changing your destiny? But how? If nothing happens except by Allah’s will, then our destiny should be pre-set. So, what do they mean when they say dua can change your destiny?


Salaam Alaykum,

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