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Not happy with my marriage


Asalamu alaykum, I was married to my wife last month I had no interest in her she was not attractive to me at all, the only reason I married her is because of my family pressured me into it, I tried to avoid this marriage from happening but they gave me a headache and I was so stressed about it all the time, my mom May Allah give her janah she just passed two month ago she was also asked me to marry this girl after she passed I felt so bad about it ,that also put a lot of pressure on me so I just decided to marry her even tho i was burning inside the whole time about the whole thing, I though to my self maybe after we got married things might be different but it got worse, and i don’t know what to do. I wish I could tell you everything what’s on my head but my English is not that good, everyday all day i think about this it’s really ruin my life I’m not happy anymore since i have known her, i mean, she is a good girl a Righteous girl but i just can’t be happy with her Wallah i have tried to talk my self in to  many times i just couldn’t please help jzk.


Al-Salam Alaykum

Thank you for your Question,

first, you must know the love stories with the love in the first sight is almost always a big fat lie. love grows through respect, understanding and mutual help  in marital life. don’t think there is a fabulous life waiting for you to grab on . you can build a best life yourself.  In every marriage, finding the right case is 30 percent of a good successful marriage. the behavior of both husbands and wife is the rest 70 percent which can turn a life over. I suggest you to stick to this marriage and  focus on building a dreamy life. if you focus on this point you will blame others for this marriage and it will open your eyes to beauties(moral and physical)  of your wife.

the last point, which I do not like to say but I have to is, if you can not turn your head around and change the way you think,  end this marriage as soon as possible. As much as this failing marriage continues it take your time and hers. even though it is not recommended, but continuing a marriage doomed to fail is worst. Although, the very first step to end it would be a solid reason, not just for the people but Allah (az) Himself

Best regards!

AAA team under the guidance of Sayyid Madani