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Not happy with engagement


I was engaged about two years ago and what I was told that girl follow islamic values devotely I agreed after engagement when we started to chat and I found out she is a girl with good character but she is opposite of what I was told.After engagement once i found out she has added her class fellow on her account and liked his pic ,different times she mentioned in our conservation that constructive discussion with opposite gender is not wrong without a doubt she Carries good character but she is not the girl that I wanted to marry hence my heart pinches me that our marriage will not be successful as we are opposite and there are so many doubts before marriage now I wanted to break engagement but I am worried that does islam allow it or not.


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question

My advice to you would be to sit with her and talk everything out calmly and politely. Although this should have been done before the engagement but its still not too late, you mention your priorities to her and ask her to tell you her priorities in life. There are some priorities that one can compromise on and some where there is no way for any compromise.
If you think your main priorities are very different than hers, then you can tell her politely that you will not be able to compromise on these matters and try and give her all the reasons clearly. You are two adults and can judge for yourselves if you are suitable for each other or not.
InshaAllah you can come to a conclusion that will include Allah’s pleasure.
And if after talking to each other, if you still donot come to a conclusion then according to islam there is no problem in breaking an engagement.

Kind regards,