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not comfortable in front of male in laws


Asalamoalikum… My question is this can father in law and daughter in law sleep in one room… I am 26 years old and my question is this i am married in my relatives i dont have any room in my laws house because they have small house and me and my husband live in dubai we went there after 10 days of marrige, but after that when i will in karachi i have to live in a mutual room where my father in law, mother in-law, sister in law, brother in law sleep,, i am expecting my first child so i am not being comfortable in front of my male in laws can you please brief that this is right or wrong because i am going in depression because of these matters… I vll be grateful if you can explain this to me


Waalykum salam 


Thank you for your Question
Your father in law is your Mahram and there is no problem if you have to be in one place with one another. Although it could be quiet uncomfortable to be sleeping in the same room!
But your brother in law is your Namahram and it would be wise to have your own little space.
You should speak to your husband about it and InshaAllah he is able to solve this. Especially because your mental health is very important for your child’s mental health.
Naajiya s jaffery