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is Nose Job surgery allowed


Greetings , I have a big nose and it gives my a lot of anxiety , depression and mood swings . It messes up my days and I get made fun of because of my big nose . I cry myself to sleep and always avoid people . It’s big and ugly and everyone agrees and it’s killing me . Can I get a nose job to make my nose just small enough to fit my small face . I don’t wanna do it for beauty and I don’t wanna make it too small but I want it to fit myself so my social anxiety would fade. Is this permissible ?


Salaam Alaykum,

Ayat Sistani allows plastic surgery

His office was asked:
Q. Can the face or other part of body be beautified by surgery?
A. As long as one is protects themselves from unlawful glance or touch, it is permissible.

Abbas Jaffer