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no good relations with relative due to theft in family


My nephew stole money from my son. The way we found out is my husband took out the cctv footage and call records of everyone we were suspicious of. Because of this my sister is angry with me and will not speak with me. In the past we had very good relations. I am not certain what to do because my husband doesnt want me to talk to my sister anymore. Please guide me.


Salaam Alaykum,

Cutting off ties with your “Rahim”, is haram and will result into subtracting Allah’s mercy in your life.  Pls do a good reading on this using the following link:

Rights of one’s Relatives

Besides, It is your nephew who did it and not your sister. Hence cutting off relations isn’t solving any issues. In fact it’s only further escalating it. Like life time blamings. It would be wise if you tried to solve this issue collectively as a family and reach out to your nephew who really needs help. He must have done this for a reason. Hence that’s the greater issue and needs to be addressed immediately.

Hope this is resolved.

Sayyid Shabbar