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Nikkah without wali or guardian


If a Nikkah takes place under in front of scholar with 3 witnesses but without any Wali or Guardian for the girl. Is the Nikkah Valid?


Walikum Salam

Thank you for your question. If the girl is a virgin who is still dependant on her parents, she needs the permission of her father according to Ayatullah Sistani (hA). If she is not a virgin she doesn’t need permission. Please see the question and answer below from his website:

3Question: I am a virgin girl, do I need to seek my father’s permission for temporary or permanent marriage?
Answer: Yes, it is necessary.

Since the permission is needed you cannot go ahead without that permission in the knowledge that her parents would not grant that permission.

Zohair Ali.

With thanks and regards,
Ask An Alim Team.