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Nikah with Aunts grand daughter


Assalamo Alaikum
I am quite stressed to get exact and genuine answer regarding to my confusion as well as question. The question or masla is:-
I fed my mother’s sister milk once, when I was infant. And I was unaware about it when I grew up. Now I am in true love with my mother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter means my neice, not my own niece. We both desperately love each other since last 5-6 years. Infact we have gone through physical relationship also so many times. We want to marry. We cannot leave each other not for a single moment. If it would happen so, it will be like a doomsday for us.
So I therefore request you to please suggest me with perfect solution, that can i marry her with Islamic rule.
Will it be halaal?
Because neither i can leave her nor she.
Hope you understand my masla.
Allah Hafiz.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

According to Ayatollah sistani, “There are eight conditions that must be fulfilled in order for breastfeeding to cause someone to become maḥram:

  1. the child must be breastfed to the extent that its bones become firm by the milk and the milk has made the flesh of his body grow. If it is not known whether the child has been breastfed to this extent or not, in the event that the child breastfeeds to its fill for one day and one night or fifteen times in accordance with the next ruling, it is sufficient. However, if it is known that the milk has not had an effect on making the bones firm and on growing the flesh of the child’s body even though the child breastfed for one day and one night or fifteen times, then obligatory precaution must be observed; i.e. in such a case, the child must not marry [those who would become maḥram to him by means of breastfeeding] and nor must he look at them as maḥrams would.”

So if the feeding was one time, there is no problem, becase by one time feeding doesn’t effect bone and flesh and as mentioned fifteen times is the least amount for feeding in order to grow bone and flesh.

(For more: ruling 2492)



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi