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Nikkah Procedure after termination /Divorce.


If nikkah is done but the nikkah paper is not signed by the nikkah registrar due to errors in nikkah naama while it is decided that proper nikkah papers will be made during rukhsati time, Is this nikkah valid?? Also If the nikkah is broken during this period due to some problems and one intends to do nikkah with the same girl again then what is the procedure according to islam?? Please guide the light of Quran and Hadith.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
For your Query I called the office of Sayyid Sistani and they said:
1- If the Nikah was temporary, and you terminated it, then it is perfectly ok to have another temporary marriage with the same person.
2- If the Nikah was permanent, and you were divorced, then yes you can remarry the same person in a normal usual way.

Kindly note that your Nikah was done once the Sigah was recited. Signing paper is a legal formality to show that you are men and wife. (The paper signing doesn’t hold any Islamic law value)

Hope this helps

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery