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Nikah without telling parents


I was in a long distance relationship for almost 7 years my whole family knows about that guy except father and everyone likes him but they didn’t let me do nikah because they want me to complete my studies first and they are also curious to know more about his family because he is from a different email country I’m from Pakistan he’s from india we met through social media but we are very serious about each other, we decided to meet but before it, we were afraid of doing Zina so we did secret nikah in front of a lawyer and 6-7 witnesses we didnt tell our parents is that nikah valid.


Waalaykum Salam

Girl cannot marry without her fathers consent. The Nikah will be invalid. Permission of her father or paternal grandfather is Wajib.
Nikah has conditions that must have been fulfilled for the Holy act to be Valid.

According to Risalah Of Ayatullah Sistani.

Conditions for the validity of Nikah

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