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I am going to have my Nikkah in January 2020 insha’Allah, I wanted to know can I have Nikkah and walima on same day? Or Can we have Nikkah and Walima one ceremony? Any Hadith about consumation of marriage before walima? Hadith about Nikkah and Walima?


There is an arranged marriage with liking of both partners. We are going to have Nikkah and Walima on 11th January, 2020 insha’Allah, with the grace of Allah. I wanted to know that if Nikkah and Walima can be done on same day? Someone told my mother in law that before consumation of marriage walima won’t be Halal. Hence, she is insisting to have two events, one of marriage (Nikkah) a separate event and Walima a separate event. Can we have Nikkah and Walima on same day and on same event of Walima, Nikkah can be done? Any Hadith on this? Please give me reference or any video of scholars. JazakAllah Thank You.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Yes you certainly can

Naajiya Jaffery