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Nikaah procedure with a non Muslim



My name is Mohammad, I am from India, I got to know about your query services online, I am in love with a non Muslim girl and I want to do nikaah with her, but there are few doubts on how nikah will happen so below are my queries –

1) She wants to keep following her religion too after marriage but she will also perform Islamic ways like roza namaz etc???will this nikaah be legit ??

2) she requested to keep her Hindu name after marriage !!!

3)Can nikaah be performed on her Hindu name or it has to be changed ???

Pls guide me the information on what’s the right thing to do in my situation,, it’s really urgent pls reply ASAP.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thank you for your question
according to ayatollah Sistani “A Muslim man is not allowed to marry, neither permanently nor temporarily a non-Muslim woman who is not among Ahlul Kitab.” (refer to: 390.
so in Islam a Muslim man is not allowed to marry a hindu girl, in order to do so the girl must convert to Islam (although Muslim men can have temporary marriage with a Christian or a Jewish woman, aka Ahlul kitab)
sheikh mahdi mosayyebi