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necessary to give monthly pocket money to wife


I am doing govt job, monthly pay (0.1 mln/ 1 lac). I have no independent house in my name, I have a (worth 16 lac) car. We live with my parents but in a separate portion and kitchen ( no joint family), all expenses are seperate.

My wife had a property/worth from his parents:
1. Plot (worth 35 Lac)
2. Jewellery (both sides equals to 30 Tola)
3. Bank Balance

We have been married since 2013, we have 2 babies.
All (home, kitchen, fees ,hospital, clothes etc) expenses are on my part.
Will it be necessary for me to give Jaib khrch to my wife monthly??
Will it be necessary for me to give zakat of my wife property ?
Kindly tell me the solution in light of shariah.


Wa alaykum salaam

According to the shia mazhab,it is compulsory for a man to give nafaqah (maintenance) to his wife even if she doesn’t need it _ Unless the wife willingly chooses to let go of her right.

— Nafaqah means that it is obligatory on a husband to provide his wife with food ,clothing, housing and other thing’s she needs.
–Zakat on things that needs to be paid on, must be paid by the owner him/herself

Kind regards
AAA team under the guidance of sis Sukaina Taqawi