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Nazar or Niyaz Offerings


Aoa. While giving nazar/niaz is it right to call it niaz of/for Hussain(as) or any other masoomeen or should all niaz/offerings be in the name of Allah only?
And is it ok to say may Mola/imam accept my niaz /offerings or should we be just taking the name of Allah as all ibadat is for Him?


Wa alaykum salaam
Thank you for your question.

Nazar is done only for Allah swt.
Niyaz is given in the name of the Ahlul bait for seeking the pleasure of Allah swt.
There is no doubt only Allah is worthy of worship and our each and every action should be for His sake.
Therefore when we say mola accept my niyaz, we should keep in mind that they are only wasilas (intermediators) through whom our a’amal can reach Allah swt

Sukaina Taqawi.