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narrations on Death date of Hazrat Aisha


Assalam o elikom, Dear brother, it’s a matter of much importance so please tell me, is it true that Hazrat Aisha RA died in 50 hijri at the age of 64 to 67?? What narrations and ahadith prove it??


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question. She died either in the year 57 or 58 hijri at the age of around 70 (according to Al-Ma’arif of Ibn Qutaybah), but there is a difference of opinion on what her age was at her death as her birth date is not known. Some sources quote her as saying that she was 9 when she moved to the house of the Prophet (saw) (see Tarikh al-Tabari vol 2 p 413), but this view contradicts her being one of the first converts to Islam (the 18th person according to the Sira of Ibn Hisham v 1 p 271) at the beginning of the prophetic mission, as the Prophet (saw) then remained in Mecca for 10 years. In that case, she would have been in her late teens when the hijra to Media was made and perhaps as old as 20 when she moved to the Prophet’s (saw) house. There are other arguments for this view but they are slightly more complex. So her age at her death depends on which of these views you accept. Either she was 9 and was not one of the first Muslims, or she was one of the first Muslims at an early age and was married to the Prophet (saw) as a young woman.

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