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Namaz Hadiya Waledain


My Mother has passed away and I remember her by reciting 2 rakat Namaz Hadiya Waledain between Magribh and Isha. Someone said that I should recite Namaz Ghufailah instead as that has more rewards. As Jannat is under the Mother’s feet, I thought that Namaz Hadiya Waledain would give her rewards in the grave and would benefit me on the Day of Judgement. As I do not have time to perform both prayers, which should I pray .


Alaykum Al-Salam

Imam Ali (A.S) about death said, what little provision i have prepeared and what a long trip i have in front of me. So it is better to do both but if you want to do just one of them, Namaz Ghufailah is for every day and for friday night the special namaz of Hadiya Waledain.  (2 rakaat in the first Rakaat after Hamd  10 time the Ayeh رَبِّ اغفِرلِی وَ لِوَالِدَیَّ وَ لِلمُؤمِنیِنَ یَومَ یَقُومُ الحِسَاب in second Rakaat after Hamd 10 times the Ayeh of رَبِّ اغفِرلِی وَ لِوَالِدَیَّ وَ لِمَن دَخَلَ بَیتِی مُؤمِناً وَ لِلمُؤمِنِینَ وَالمُؤمِناَتِ)
may Allah bless all the Momenin and help us in this long and difficult journey!
Sheikh Madani.