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Namaz and Najasat


Assalamualaikum, if I join the jamat for namaz after Sana when can I recite Sana again or should I or just leave it ??? If I miss Fazer namaz at time of namaz in the morning till what time I can offer my namaz ?? And I have a medical condition where a transparent discharge coming out from my genital area very often I stay alert about it before namaz, I keep checking if there is anything I take bath perform gusl, wash my clothes properly and then go for namaz. If I forgot someday and when without checking would it be wrong ? And it’s not like it to much it’s not even a drop just a very small amount and it stays under my undergarments because I have always checked it never leaks of because of it small amount. Can I wash my undergarments and were the same jeans again for namaz ???

Waalaykum salam.
I do not understand what you mean by sana prayers?!
Also, the discharge (light coloured, transparent) is not considered to be Najis, hence you do not need to check or purify yourself all the time.