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Najasat/Taharat – Disappearance of a Muslim


Aoa I made a stupid mistake in someone house. They had a toilet and shower area but no washing basin in bathroom. I had to take quick shower there. After using washroom I washed my hands on the floor with niyat that I will clean it. Even I washed their bucket. Because I take care of other belongings cleanliness too but I don’t know how I forgot to clean that area where I washed my impure hands. Actually it wasn’t my home and I was taking much time. After pray I made niyyat I will clean that area. They were not having viper there as well .But when I was about to clean that area my aunty used that washroom. Now I am worried that here clothes are impure because of me. She prays 5 times a day and I am hesitating for telling what I have done there. I’m embarrassed.


Waalaykum Salaam,

Kindly refer to Masa’alah 1.
Disappearance of a Muslim is one of the Mutahhirat i.e. things that purify an object. So as your aunt didnt witness the Najasat, it isn’t Najis for her thus no issue. And you don’t need to inform her about it either.
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