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Sheikh Please help me.

I have a bathroom issue. Whenever i visit the bathroom to urinate I preform istibraa and leave. Whenever I leave I always feel a drop out urine coming out. I know it is urine because I have tried to visit the bathroom without using water a couple of times and the drop always comes out. What should I do ? I’m going crazy! When I leave the bathroom if I do 10x squats the drop comes out but when I’m in the bathroom and do the same squats it doesn’t. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom 15-30 minutes everytime and it is of no help.

I’m there so much that my skin is so dry it bleeds. Sheikh i suffer from wiswas and my life is miserable please help me. Should i consider it pure?

I have gone to the doctor several times and done many tests and I don’t have any condition. I should be fine.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

There are few scenarios:

  1. If you are sure it is urine, it is considered Najis.
  2. If you are sure it is urine and do not have Waswas, it is still considered Najis.
  3. If you are not sure it is urine, and if you had performed Istibra, it is considered as Paak.
  4. If you are not certain about the liquid and have only waswaas, then it is considered Paak and you should not worry about the Waswaas.

If the Istibra is done properly, urine doesn’t remain. You do not need to squeeze it so hard that it dries up or results in bleeding. You can also apply oil or cream so it doesn’t dry up and cause pain. Also, after doing Istibra you can get up but don’t leave the bathroom and wait for a few seconds, if you really feel there is urine then you can do Istibra once more and then leave bathroom. This way, you will be sure and leave the bathroom after certainty and not in doubt and you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the washroom, the more the time you stay in the washroom, the more you will doubt.

Question: If a person doubts whether he performed Istibra or not, what should he do?

Answer: If a person doubts whether he has performed istibrāʾ or not and fluid comes out and he does not know whether it is pure or not, it is impure; and in the event that he performed wuduʾ, his wuduʾ becomes void (bātil).

If someone who has not performed Istibraʾ becomes confident that no urine is left in the urethra due to the passing of time since he urinated, and if he then sees some fluid and doubts whether it is pure or not, that fluid is pure and it does not invalidate wuduʾ either.

Question: I sometimes doubt, before or after urinating, or even during sexual arousal, a liquid comes out of the urine, what’s the ruling on this liquid, is it Taher and does it invalidate my Wudhu?

Answer: The fluid that sometimes comes out of the penis as a result of sexual arousal, called ‘madhi’, is pure. And the fluid that sometimes comes out after the ejaculation of semen, called ‘wadhī’, is also pure, and does not require ghusl. As for fluid that sometimes comes out after urinating and which is called ‘wadī’, if it has not come into contact with urine, it is pure. Furthermore, in the event that a person performs istibraʾ after urinating and then fluid comes out and he doubts whether it is urine or one of these three fluids, it is pure. The passing of these liquids are pure and do not invalidate wuduʾ either.

However, dear brother, since you doubt excessively, you shouldn’t pay attention to any doubt. Remember, once you perform your istibra, Just leave the washroom without any further investigation.
and perform your wajibat a with no further worry.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider