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Death Symbol at Shab E Barat


Respected Sir,

I want to ask that My Grand mother has some Inner doubt or Such a Fact about her Death, She Said that last Shab E Barat she had no her Body Shadow. She Heard about ” That If someone has no shadow on Shab E Barat then The man is listed in to be dead people in that year. So, she somewhat believe that May be she’d be never more in this year Insha Allah.

Is it right Is Islam tells us these kind of myth, and supposed things

Plz Reply me soon because we all are worried about her and our faith & believe.


Ive not come across any ahadith or any reference that talks about it…
And according to me..our life is in Gods hand..
Everything is from Him..
I can definitely tell you not to loose hope…and have faith in Allah..
God grant her a long life..

Hasina Dhalla